Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Facebook Pictures

I saw some pictures of myself earlier tonight that kind of depressed me. The pictures are from an event I went to over the weekend and they got posted on facebook. It isn't that I think I'm bad looking or too heavy in these pictures, but more that I just look like I'm not happy. Every shot I'm in, I simply don't look like I want to be there. This is something I need to change. Even if I'm bored or whatever, I need to learn how to fake it better.


FeministX said...

Don't worry. I am sure only you would notice the flaws in these pics. Of all the ways of improving yourself, looking less bored is probably not so important. We all get bored sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Uh, everything I've ever seen this guy write is laced with bitter anger.

So I doubt he's leaving an impression that no one notices publicly

Rake said...

Bitter anger? Seriously?