Monday, September 14, 2009

Beauty from Belarus

I met a beautiful young woman from Belarus a couple of weeks ago. This was in the coffee shop I hang out at. Now, I don't know this girl really well, but she is very attractive physically and seems to have a very upbeat personality. She's at UW for a year working towards a graduate degree. In many ways, this girl typifies my ideal type - smart, sexy, worldly, sophisticated. Did I mention she speaks four languages? She's also 26, which is awesome. I doubt she thinks I'm older than 33.

I friended her on Facebook, which honestly is close to meaningless these days. But, I also have her email address and phone number. I've told her I would like to get to know her better and have suggested we go out one night. I tried to make that happen last weekend, but she didn't answer when I called her earlier in the week. Then I emailed her on Saturday and got a reply back saying she's unbelievably busy in school, which I can believe. I'm going to keep trying.

I'm not running any kind of game on her. I'm basically trying to keep it simple by telling her I like her and that I think she's interesting. If she likes me, we'll go out. If not, we won't. It would be helpful if I could manage to have her see me interacting with other people, especially women, so I'm keeping an eye out for that kind of opportunity.


Sex, Lies and Attempts at Truth said...

Curious as to why you wouldn't game? Game isn't a bad thing, it's not a great word, but the concept isn't a bad thing. You want her to see your value in the early days. Keeping it simple is game too - you don't want to be plying her with invites. Next time you contact her don't ask her out - tell you where you're going. Be excited about the activity.

Sample dialogue:

Hey guess where we're going? Can't guess? We're going (enter event), i heard (such and such abuot event) and thought it would be right up your ally.

You've taken control. Most girls will enjoy this exchange. She may truthfully be busy and bow out. but you've set the stage for future interactions. In fact you might be able to nail down another date in the same phone call. Have a back up I'd suggest.

Thanks for linking me btw, I'll do the same. :)

Rake said...

I guess when I said that I was referring to "gaming" in the most shallow sense, which is how many of the community guys around here seem to understand it. But, so many of those guys are in their 20's and their personalities are completely different. I take after my Canadian relatives, who are all very reserved and introverted. My game, necessarily, has to be different.

Plus, I don't have a whole lot of game. I have a lot of knowledge of game, and I get it theoretically, but I haven't internalized it and made it part of my reality. Honestly, that part is a real struggle for me, so what I'm mostly trying to do is avoid self-sabotage.

BTW, thanks for reading. The blog should get more interesting over time as I get better at this. Also, I've really enjoyed some of the commenting and dialogue on one another's blogs among some of you regular Roissy commenters - very insightful crew!

Gori Gori Chupke Chupke said...

Rake, are you Desi?

Rake said...

No, not Desi. But, I will say that I sometimes find Desi women incredibly attractive.

Also, I work in Tech in Seattle so I'm pretty familiar with them. Unlike a lot of tech workers that complain about Indians here in the states, I've had nothing but good experiences with them.

I'm considering a trip to India next year as well.

Gori Gori Chupke Chupke said...

I asked if you were Desi coz you write like a Desi guy.

India is a fascinating country with many wonderful cultures, but it has NO dating culture, so don't get any ideas....

(by the way, what are the complaints against us? just curious)

Rake said...

A lot of technology workers resent Indians coming here and taking jobs. There has been some thought that this causes downward pressure on salaries, which is probably true. But, it's a global economy and you have to figure that if they couldn't bring the workers here, they would just outsource the work to another country and probably pay even less.