Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Took a little walk

Took a little walk through downtown Seattle earlier today. Nice weather today, probably one of the last nice days we'll have this year. Briefly chatted up a couple of people, including a moderately atttractive woman in her 30's that seemed pleased to be talked to, but didn't hook. Now I just need to do that 999 more times. :)

It strikes me, walking through downtown, just how little attention the average woman in Seattle pays to her appearance. I walked about 7 blocks and saw just a couple of decent (not exceptional) looking women. I saw one girl at the bank that I thought, okay if she dropped 5-10 pounds, toned up just a bit, and put on a little makeup, she'd probably be pretty hot - I could see her in a club. She still wouldn't be exceptional, maybe a 7 or 7.5, but that would be a serious upgrade from where she is now, which is maybe a 6. And the thing is, most girls don't need to be super hot to get guys to like them - they just need to be "attractive enough" and have good personalities to back it up.

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