Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where are the young women in Seattle?

Went for another little walk earlier this afternoon. Now I'm wondering about the demographic breakdown of Seattle by age. Like, what is the actual population of women in Seattle under say, the age of 35? And, how does that compare to men, under say, 45? Even walking over by Nordstrom and Pacific Place, I just did not see many young women. Seattle sucks.


Chuck said...


it looks like the women are there, but there aren't as many as the single guys there. i'm interested to hear about the dating scene there. sex ratio theory would predict that its pretty tough for all but the most alpha...what's your experience? Also, you should check out the link on my post of the single guy from san francisco. interesting stuff.

good luck with the blogging.

Rake said...

Thanks for the comment. I think a post on the dating scene in Seattle is a really good idea.

The sex ratio is probably part of the issue here. The bigger issue that we talk about a lot in the local pickup community is the fact that people here just aren't that friendly. There's this concept of the "Seattle Freeze" floating around, which basically refers to the difficulty people new arrivals here have in getting to know people, build up social circles, etc. The Seattle Freeze, in fact, is one of the default topics of conversation that local PUA wannabes use when out in the bars and clubs.

cleared in hot said...

Good luck!