Friday, September 25, 2009

Daytime Cold Approaches

Yesterday, I mustered up the courage to cold approach a woman on the street. I had left the office for a few minutes to grab a sandwich and, while waiting in line, I saw a woman that, for me, is very close to a 9 - really, really my type. And so, while I was waiting there, I resolved to at least approach her, which I did.

Now, I HAVE approached in the daytime before. I don't find it horribly difficult if I can come up with some sort of pretense, or somehow figure out a way to make it seem natural that I'm talking to her. Last week, for instance, I got on the elevator with a woman that works on the same floor as me, made idle chit chat on the way down and then wound up walking with her and chatting for a couple of blocks. Right at the end I noticed that she had a great big rock on her finger, so I didn't go for the number, but it was a solid interaction. I could tell I was generating attraction from her. It worked. It was seamless and natural without any awkwardness.

In this situation, I had no pretense to talk to the target, or at least I couldn't think of anything. So, I went direct with something like this: "Hi, I just saw you standing in line back there and wanted to meet you. My name is Rake" She looked surprised but then she gave me her name, and then I asked if I could walk with her for a bit, which she was fine with. So we walked for a bit, but the problem was I couldn't think of anything to say after that. With that kind of direct approach, it's not like I'm going to run some sort of routine on her. She pretty quickly threw out that she was engaged and that was pretty much that.

The one part that went well was that I could tell she was surprised and (I believe) pleased to be approached like that. Actually, to be perfectly honest, the look on her face was complete shock, which, since this is a very hot girl, is actually somewhat surprising in itself. I would think she's getting approached regularly.

I think there's a lot of potential in this approach. I just need to figure out a way to transition from the initial awkwardness of the approach and into some sort of normal conversation. Also, I need to do this a few more times just to get used to it. I think that alone will help.


Welmer said...

Game in Seattle requires heroism. This city is so socially dysfunctional that people can't even have an open conversation with a neighbor.

Good luck to you.

Rake said...

Heroism is required, yes. Heroism and balls.

There are a few guys here that are really good. One guy in particular seems to pull at will almost. But then, he didn't learn here either - he learned overseas. Another guy started learning here and moved away to a much friendlier city about six months ago. Since leaving, his game has skyrocketed. Of course, his game is different now too, he's made some adjustments, but the biggest factor seems to be that he's in a much better learning environment.

I was in Belltown last night and it was just brutal. You definitely have the highest concentration of hot women there, but the bitch shields are high. An experienced, reasonably proficient PUA would be fine there, but as a learning environment it sucks.

I'm thinking seriously about taking an RSD bootcamp. I'm skeptical about RSD because they seem to encourage this cultishness, but I'm starting to think that for me, RSD might be just what I need.

Bhetti said...

That honestly is amazing, I think, approaching just like that. It looks effortless but... I can't do something like that.

Every time I go to any grocer's, they go, 'where you from? Pakistan?' Usually their own ethnicity, I think. Feel like I'm qualifying myself when I go 'I'm Arab, actually.'

Rake said...

Bhetti - it is tough, no question. Whenever I try to work myself up to an approach like this, all of my social instincts are basically saying to do the opposite - to go the other way. But then, how will I meet her? And if I don't meet her, how will I get to know her? Maybe she's the one, but if I don't take a chance on getting to know her, how will I ever know?

It's much easier if there is some pretense for talking to her. Direct street game like this is tough, basically because there's no chance to build any kind of social comfort.