Saturday, March 20, 2010

Night Game Fatigue

I'm getting really tired of trolling the bars and clubs every Friday and Saturday night. It isn't fun. It's really just become something I do because I feel like I need to do it.

This has me thinking about Day Game again. I've gone back and forth on this issue in the last few months, but logically, it seems like Day Game almost has to be the answer for me. I'm just not sure how to get myself started with it. I've tried before, but it never sticks. I'll go out once and that'll be it. Night Game, for what it's worth, is more or less within my comfort zone. I suck at it, but I don't have major issues approaching in that environment. Yes, I still put the pussy on a pedestal, but that pedestal isn't quite as high as it used to be.

But, as I said, wandering aimlessly from one bar to the next just isn't any fun at all. Even though I'm reasonably comfortable in Night Game environments, it just feels like a strange thing to be doing. It feels dysfunctional to be going out like this instead of just going out to have a good time like normal people do. I feel like I should have better options.

So, if I can get myself started with Day Game, maybe that's what my next few posts will be about.


Silas said...

Maybe you're just doing Night Game wrong.

I know that Mystery always advocates continually practicing and going out a lot of nights, even by yourself. However, in my own experience, I have found that going out with friends and doing fun things is just as great a way to meet girls, and yet it never feels tedious or burdensome.

For example, on Monday night, my brother and I decided to hang out and play some card games. Normally we just play at my apartment, but I felt like going out. So, we went to a great frozen yogurt place that I love. When we were there, I met 7 new girls, almost without trying. It took zero extra effort to meet the girls and enjoy a little playful banter. But, my brother and I also had a lot of fun having our epic CCG battles. Even if I didn't meet any girls, both my brother and I would have had a thoroughly enjoyable time. However, since we decided to have our fun in a public location, we also had the added benefit of meeting other people (in this case, some very attractive girls).

Perhaps a new approach to night game is needed. I never liked the whole idea of going to bars or clubs. Whenever I meet girls at night, it's typically either at a party or in some public location that I'm at doing things by myself or with friends.

quietearth said...

Daygame is great because it's just a part of your life. When you get used to the approach, it's just something you do when you see a hot girl bouncing along.

I find night game where you go out specifically to pull to be quite stressful because it's such a contrived environment, girls have their bitch shields up and you only have a few hours to get it right.

In fact, because I know I can theoretically get girls' numbers any time of the day, when I do go out at night I'm much more relaxed about approaching and have a fun mindset which makes everything much easier.

Plus direct approaches are just more fun and impressive, and give you lots of good stories to tell your baffled mates.

strikeforcemorituri said...

Night Game to me can be really frustrating at times due to all the distracting elements (noise, music, people just acting crazy, AMOG guys out there stepping on toes, etc...) So I just try to go out there and fun. Women usually can pick up on your vibe that you're just out there to have fun and that seems to drop there bitch shield levels.

It also could be the venues you're choosing. I think it would be better to find a chill lowkey spot that has a high woman concentration vs a loud club where everyone is seeing who's top dog.

Personally I love daygame as it makes you stand out from other guys, especially here in Seattle.