Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Have High Standards

I have high standards for what I want in a woman. There's a certain type I'm attracted to. Beautiful, yes, I like beautiful women, but it's more than that. I want charm and style and class. That's what I'm attracted to. I came close to that a couple years ago, but it didn't work out. That's one reason I'm plugging away at this stuff. I want to be with quality women.
The other night I was at this party. It was a pretty big event - couple hundred people. There were a lot of girls there. My friend pointed out one girl to me that he said was down to fuck that night. She was decent looking, but I wasn't really attracted. Should I have pursued this? I don't know. I think that, minimally, I have to find something in the girl that is attractive to me before I can really pursue it. Otherwise, it's just not going to work.

Roosh says here that you should never pass on the sure thing:

8. You will go home empty-handed if you pass on the sure thing.
If one night you have both a sure thing and a “maybe” with another girl, always go for the sure thing. It’s never happened in the history of the world that a man got something after skipping on the sure thing, party because the mere act of skipping on the sure thing for some other girl means you’re overvaluing the better girl. Bad game will leak out as a result.
Don’t worry, they’ll another be another opportunity to upgrade next time, but on this night, go ahead and get your dick wet. As a man who has lost count of how many times I skipped over the sure-thing and got nothing, trust me when I say that the other girl won’t put out. You’ll get a number at most. This partially goes against my philosophy that you should pick the girl and not let her pick you, but when guaranteed sex is at play it’s okay to put that aside.
I like Roosh, but I don't think I agree with this, at least not for myself. I didn't get into the game to fuck the sure thing. Like I said at the beginning, I want quality women. That's why I'm doing this.


Ferdinand Bardamu said...

I hear ya, man.

Roosh is a smart guy and I acknowledge that he knows more about the game then I do, but he's a slave to the pussy. I vaguely remember him writing a while back that he evaluated everything he did based on how it would help him get girls. No thanks.

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Default User said...

As you said the entire point of developing seductive skills is to be with the women you want.

There may be some argument for getting practice. That is running game where you can concentrate on the moves and monitoring/critiquing yourself because you are truly uninvested in the outcome.

That said I still think that you were right.

Vincent Ignatius said...

The more exposure you have to females, the more you come to realize how few quality women there are. That's when you go for the sure thing; the girl who isn't giving as many IOIs isn't really better, she's just overvalued the price of her pussy.

Rake said...

Thanks for your comments guys!