Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend In Review

I changed things up a bit this week. Went out on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with my regular wing, M, and a new guy in town, S, that is probably more advanced than most guys in Seattle right now. On Saturday, a couple other new guys joined us that I have a pretty good feeling about. I really hope that this group of guys can turn into a solid group that goes out together regularly. The new guys are REALLY inexperienced, but at the same time they seem pretty serious. But even if the new guys don't work out, it looks like S will, which is awesome.

Towards the end of the night on Thursday, I talked with M and S wrt my frustrations about how useless it is to go out with the big group from the previous week. My basic point was that nobody is really improving in that sort of situation, partly because the group is just too damn big, but also because, like I said before, it's the blind leading the blind - none of those guys are going out with any kind of a plan. So, we agreed to start meeting earlier in the night and to start reviewing our plan before we head out.

Incidentally, I've started calling that big group of guys the super squad, which I think is hilarious. On the forum, I didn't even have to explain it. Everyone knew immediately who I was talking about. Last night, I even turned it into an opener, asking a couple groups in Amber, "hey, have you guys seen the super squad?" Of course, they didn't have any idea who or what I was talking about, but I amused myself, which was sort of the point.


Tenmagnet said...

I've noticed the same thing about lairs. Sometimes they're good for meeting wingmen, but in many cases, the good guys show up for a few meetings and then get discouraged, while the guys who don't really know what they're talking about keep coming to meetings year after year.

All in all, I think they can be a good asset for guys, but in small doses.

Rake said...

The lair is a mixed bag, for sure. By itself, it doesn't really work as a framework for improvement, but like you said it can help guys meet wings, which helps them get out of the house...

Word on the street is you have a bootcamp here this weekend. Good luck! Seattle can be tough but Friday and Saturday are usually pretty good for nightlife - plenty of targets anyway.